HioPOS Cloud-Restaurant/Retail

Easy to use point of sale

HioPOS Cloud is the ideal solution for your business with intuitive software and with an innovative tactile usability.

Multi-Business and multi-terminal

Scalable with all the functionalities according to your needs- It allows to work with several points of sale

Works with or without Internet

You can continue working in case of Internet disconnections.

Free updates

Updates of the latest software releases without additional charges.

Safe storage

Information always available in the cloud with the maximum security of your data

Fractionation of tickets

Menu management

Management of modifiers

Assignment of fees per room

Management of tables with comanderos

Connection with printers and kitchen screens

Different taxes according to type of service

Allocate allergens to articles

Families and customizable items with photographs

Advanced statistics

Centralized management of different points of sale

Cash control

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