Interactive Kitchen Display

Interactive Kitchen Display


  • Connect HioPOS Cloud with our kitchen screens and you will be able to control the orders statuses in real time.




Configure the screen where the dishes to be prepared are displayed in Horizontal or Vertical. The cook can mark the dishes that are in preparation and those that have already been prepared.

  • Width: 34,64 cm | 13,6″
  • Height: 52,74 cm | 20,7″

It shows in one or several informative screens the order number and the status of the order (in preparation, prepared) so that the customer would pick it up at the delivery point. 

CALLSCREEN works without staff intervention since it is integrated with the kitchen screens. 

The background image, texts and colors are configured according to the corporate image of the client.

Integrated with HIOPOS, T-Quiosk y Portalrest.

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