Introducing The 5800 UP TAB Salon Series by UP SOLUTION

Appointment Management

  • Create Recurring Appointments
  • Send appointment confirmation emails
  • Manage walk-in queue for the first available stylist or for specific stylists.
  • Manage room times and service status

Employee Management

  • Track hourly, commision, and salaried employees
  • Time clock function tracks payroll and time sheets.
  • Clock in/out status automatically directs walk-in clients to available stylists

Salon Management

  • Cloud based back office
  • Send e-promotions and e-coupons
  • Rewards and Loyalty program
  • Detailed reports including sales by designated period, store, employee or service.
  • Sales and transaction history
  • Booth rental
  • Multi-location management

UP SOLUTION Hardware Features

UP SOLUTION Hardware Options

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